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How level 2 works

Beginning in level 2, we employ spatial sound design. Spatial sound design creates the sensation of individual musical objects moving around the head of the user as they meditate. These musical objects are usually easily identifiable, such as a melody which sits firmly on top of the rest of the texture, or a distinct rhythmic motif. As we create our missions, we pay special attention to designing the trajectory of musical objects within the meditator’s spatial world. 


Then, using narration, we guide the user's attention first to the texture or quality of the sound, and then secondarily to the motion of the object. Behind closed eyes, it proves both easy and engaging to trace the path of a sound. 


We help users imagine the space around their head as consisting of a sphere, concentric to the head, much like the “celestial sphere” in astronomy. In other words, as if their mind is at the center of the Earth, and they look out on the surface, where the contents appear. In our practice, we call this concentric sphere “the globe,” and instruct meditators to trace the motion of musical objects against the globe. 


Establishing this spatial awareness has two essential benefits. First, drawing attention to the spatial aspect of music helps practice identifying the spatial signals of thoughts and feelings, and thereby move toward a mindful observation of both. Second, and more importantly, this technique helps meditators recognize the connection between experiencing the globe and establishing a physical sense of self. More specifically, identifying that the thing that feels like “you” is the thing that sits in the center of your head, looking out on the globe, receiving and watching the contents of mind all around you. 


In level 2, we begin to build spatial awareness of the mind.

  1. We use music and sound design to help meditators establish awareness of the space around their head. We call this awareness “the globe.”

  2. We instruct meditators to notice that different strands of music appear in different locations around their “globe,” and to trace them back to the source of awareness. 

  3. We help meditators recognize the connection between the source of awareness and the physical sense of self, that the thing that feels like “you” is the same thing that sits behind your face and looks out on the globe.

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