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The Research Behind


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"Music consistently improves subjective sleep quality....In addition, music significantly increased the amount of slow-wave sleep."
-Researchers at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, published in Nature Journal

Why Music?

Your attention is your most valuable currency. Where you spend it, what you spend it on, and how much you spend determines everything that comes into your life.


When your attention is where you need it to be, you’re at your absolute best. 


Your attention is not exactly yours. You can’t really control it in the way that you shine a flashlight where you choose. Often, your mind takes you to where it wants to go, not always to where you want to be. 


But you can set up your environment so that your mind is always engaged, so that your interest in what you’re doing is continually renewing. 


We at MusicMind create music designed to maximize the power of your attention, to optimize your ability in whatever you’re trying to accomplish. 


We have programs that utilize our technology to help you achieve the best possible results: at work, at home, in your workouts, in the overall health of your mind. 


Come hear. Learn everything your mind can do with Music Mind.

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