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The Musicmind Capsule

An Overview of What We Do

Our fundamental interest is human performance. 

Our basic tools are

music and silence.

Guided by neuroscience and cognitive science, we stack these tools on top of established methods to create new, more effective methods.

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These new methods take users deeper, higher, further along in their performance than they’ve ever been able to.

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We break overall optimization into five sub-areas, and target each with different methods.

The five sub-areas:


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How  Mind works

The method used in Mind is rooted in mindfulness training, but has gone through a complete design overhaul.

Our method heavily leverages music to accelerate the insight process, utilizing several key features of composing, modern sound design,  and mindfulness instruction.

In doing so, we've designed the first integrated-cloud platform that takes users to this depth of mindfulness, previously only possible through hours of in-person practice.

We lay out our teaching into a gamified course, composed of ten “levels,” in which meditators complete varying numbers of “missions.”

Within each level, users learn and practice new meditative skills. Subsequent levels build on techniques taught in previous ones.



codename: sirius

First-time meditators experience immediate
success and satisfaction in practice.
From Level 1:  Mission D

In Three Steps:

Instead of focusing on thoughts, we direct users to focus on our music. 

Because the music feels distinct from thoughts, beginners can easily understand if their attention is on the music or not, making early success very clear.

At this level, the music is designed to stimulate renewed interest, and so helps users to return attention to it.

codename: Vega


Meditators start to build spatial awareness
of the mind

In Three Steps:

We use music and sound design to help meditators establish awareness of the space around their head. We call this awareness “the globe.”

We instruct meditators to notice that different strands of music appear in different locations around their “globe,” and to trace them back to the source of awareness. 

We help meditators recognize the connection between the source of awareness and the sense of self, that the thing that feels like “you” is the same thing that sits behind your face and looks out on the globe.

From Level 2:  Mission f


codename: Polaris

Using music, we establish the relationship between spatial awareness and thought.
From Level 3:  Mission D

In Three Steps:

We begin by having meditators practice widening and narrowing focus between individual sounds in the music, and the music as a whole. 


Next, we help meditators to become aware of the background contents in their mind which sit behind the music, what we call “the contents of the gaps.”


Finally, we decrease and increase the intensity of the music to help meditators practice noticing the growing and shrinking of the background contents of their minds.


Following the creation of Mind, we’re in the process of developing and testing our methods in the four other sub-areas. Beneath is our prototype in the Learn sub-area, called LearnCycle.


LearnCycle is designed to help users maximize efficiency while studying. Each LearnCycle is roughly 100 minutes long. That time is broken down into segments. Eventually, all segments will be customizable. 

Hear the prototype:

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